What is Drip-feed and why is it so useful?

What is Drip-feed and why is it so useful?
Elena R.
Jun 25, 2020

When placing orders on SMM panels, customers may notice the Drip-feed option for some of them. Since a lot of people (especially those who are new to the world of providing and reselling SMM services) might have questions regarding this feature, we decided to explain what it does exactly and why it is so important.

What is Drip-feed?

Drip-feed is a helpful tool that allows to place the same order multiple times thus eliminating the need to renew it over and over again.

For example, let's imagine you want to have 1000 likes on your Instagram post. However, you don't want all 1000 likes to appear right away and would like to get 100 likes every 30 minutes instead.

This is what the Drip-feed feature is for: it helps you divide your order into several smaller ones that will be processed automatically without your involvement.

Why is Drip-feed such a useful feature?

The main purpose of Drip-feed as a feature is to help customers build social media engagement at the desired speed. This approach helps imitate the organic growth of their accounts, which is, essentially, the end goal of pretty much each customer.

Since social media platforms constantly make their rules stricter when it comes to increasing engagement on certain posts, it's crucial to ensure there's a way to maintain your accounts' good reputation while still being able to grow them at a preferred speed.

Moreover, Drip-feed also helps make the growth of your customers' social media accounts more believable since it gives a gradual effect thus eliminating suspicions.

Overall, it's an extremely useful feature that is very appreciated by SMM panel users, which is why it is so popular.

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