Is owning an SMM panel legal?

Is owning an SMM panel legal?
Elena R.
Aug 20, 2020

SMM service reselling is a business that interests a lot of people all across the world. And when you get into that business, learning about what SMM panels are and how they work becomes inevitable.

Indeed, SMM panels are the best tools for both resellers and providers as it is very easy to keep everything organized like that as well as grow your customer base. But there's a question that bothers a lot of people who consider purchasing an SMM panel and starting to sell SMM services: is owning an SMM panel legal? Let us help you clear it up so that you could be as informed as possible about that matter.

So, is it illegal to become an SMM panel owner?

Owning an SMM panel and selling SMM services there is NOT illegal, meaning that it's not a crime. Sure, each country has its laws and regulations, however, as of now, there's no law or restriction on this type of services in any country in the world.

Therefore, anyone who wants to purchase an SMM panel and run a business like that shouldn't get discouraged and give up on their goal. But before making a purchase, it's important to do your research to make sure you will have an SMM panel that will be safe to use — both for you as an admin and your customers, since different SMM panels come from different sources.

SMM panels on our platform are very secure, they are resistant to DDoS-attacks and get updated constantly. Moreover, every single one of them has an SSL certificate, which is really important for keeping your and your customers' personal information confidential. To learn more, check out our article What is an SSL certificate and why does every SMM panel need one?

Are all types of SMM services allowed to be sold via panels?

When it comes to our platform and panels that we offer in partifular, we don't allow admins to sell spam services of any kind.

Moreover, spam services are actually illegal in some countries, this is why selling them could result in serious legal problems for everyone involved. Avoiding such services altogether eliminates unnecessary risks.

What about social media platforms' Terms of Service?

Though selling SMM services via panels is definitely not illegal, buying such services for your accounts is against the Terms of Service on various social media platforms. Which means that it isn't much of a problem for SMM panel admins, but it might be a problem for their customers if they aren't careful enough.

It is just how it is — Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and other similar websites don't allow fake engagement and are anti-bot in general.

However, SMM panels offer a huge variety of SMM services, and their quality varies a lot. The cheapest services are low-quality bots. Those are most often used as occasional pranks and it's not recommended to order such services for serious jobs. If you actually need to promote your brand/business, there are other SMM services that either look very realistic or are actually performed by real people. Sure, those SMM services are more expensive but they also give a much better guarantee that customers' social media accounts won't be affected due to violations of the Terms of Service.

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