Here's how SMM panel owners and users can prevent their passwords from getting compromised

Here's how SMM panel owners and users can prevent their passwords from getting compromised
Elena R.
Nov 01, 2021

Often SMM panel owners and users can be alerted in Google Chrome and other browsers that their passwords are compromised. Our clients and their customers also see such messages occasionally. But what is causing them? And what is the reason behind that — is it because of the unsafe websites people trust their personal information with or what else could it be? Let's clear it up.

Reasons why the compromised passwords warning can appear

Can passwords get compromised because of SMM panels people visit?

It seems that a lot of SMM panel owners are concerned that the warning about compromised passwords that appears in Google Chrome or other browsers is caused by SMM panels themselves. Some resellers and their customers are even worried that SMM panels that they've been visiting recently aren't safe to use because of that.

Sure, a warning like that can appear if you create an account on unsafe websites that are unable to protect user data well enough. It doesn't have to be an SMM panel — any unreliable website that you visit and have your data stored on can result in such problems.

When it comes to SMM panels in particular, it might be the case with those that are based on some scripts created by freelancers. In fact, SMM panels that are essentially some random scripts can be the cause behind the data breach problem because they aren't secure enough.

But if you use a panel on our platform, you can rest assured that we'll do everything we can to keep all the data that is tied to your account safe. The panel maintenance fee on our platform includes constant security checks, which is why there's no real possibility for data breaches to happen.

Therefore, SMM panels on our platform simply can't cause warnings about compromised passwords in either Chrome or other browsers.

If not an SMM panel, then what could be the reason behind this problem?

There are a few key reasons why you can get the compromised passwords warning:
1. As we mentioned above — exposed passwords on unsafe websites.
2. Reusing the same passwords on different websites.
3. Using passwords that are too weak.

We already established that if you have an SMM panel on our platform, it's nearly impossible for a problem with compromised passwords to happen on our side. Our expert team carefully monitors everything to make sure that such problems never occur — or if they do, they're solved immediately before they result in any real damage.

The truth is, most of the time it's not some website's (or, in our case, an SMM panel's) fault that passwords get compromised. Unfortunately, very often it's because people aren't careful enough with their passwords. For that reason, it's important to ensure that you do everything you can to protect your accounts.

Read further to learn more about what could be done, step by step.

The things you can do to avoid getting your passwords compromised

1. Avoid websites that look suspicious

Don't know how to check if a website or an SMM panel is safe or not? In our post How to avoid getting your SMM panel hacked we talked about how it's possible to check website security and some other important things that each SMM panel owner should know. Highly recommend reading that one! 

2. Don't reuse your passwords.

Understandably, it's difficult to memorize different passwords for each account you have online. That's why a lot of people end up using the same password over and over again on various websites. However, if at least one of those websites turns out to be unsafe, a data breach could happen and result in your password getting compromised. This is why having unique passwords for all your accounts online is extremely important. And, of course, you should pay extra attention to your business accounts that store a lot of your private information and funds. This includes SMM panels, of course. Whether you're an SMM panel owner or user, make sure to always create unique passwords that you haven't used before anywhere else.

A good way to solve this problem is to have a document with all your account login and password information on your phone, laptop, flash drive, or some other storage service like Google Drive, Dropbox, etc. Make sure you have it stored safely though — you don't want anyone to get access to that document.

3. Passwords shouldn't be too weak. 

Using different passwords for different accounts is definitely the way to go. However, passwords also shouldn't be too weak.

If your passwords contain common phrases, single words, easy and memorable keyboard patterns, or they could be easily guessed, it means that those are weak passwords.

Strong passwords are long, and they can't be created with simple and obvious word combinations. They should contain a mix of upper-case and lower-case characters, numbers, and symbols. If you have a hard time coming up with such passwords on your own, you could always use unique auto-generated passwords that you should also store somewhere safe.

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