Top 5 best live chat widgets for SMM panels

Top 5 best live chat widgets for SMM panels
Elena R.
Jun 18, 2020

One of the best things about SMM panels that can be purchased on our platform is the fact that they are highly customizable. An extensive selection of features that we offer ensures a fantastic panel user experience — for you as an admin and for your customers.

In addition to enabling various features that are available to panel admins, we also allow modifying panels' look and functionality to suit your needs. Adding a live chat widget is among many other options that all panel owners have — and it's very easy to do, too.

Let's break down the reasons why adding a live chat widget to your panel can benefit your SMM service reselling or providing business and top 5 best live chat widgets for you to consider.

Reasons to add a live chat widget to your SMM panel

Shows customers that your panel is trustworthy

It's not a secret that quite a lot of customers in general appreciate instant replies when they order goods or services online. It gives them an additional guarantee that a seller is trustworthy, which is really important for both parties — happy customers help sellers build their reputation. Purchasing SMM services is no different: there's a good amount of scammers online, that's why people often look for things that prove that SMM panels of their choice are reliable enough.

Assures customers that they will get services they want

Having a live chat on your panel is one of the good ways to show that customers can trust your business. A lot of them hesitate before making a purchase, they need to be 100% sure that services provided by a certain panel can meet their needs, which is why they often want to clarify a few things first — and exchanging instant messages with a panel owner or representative is a great way to do so.

Gives an additional chance to reach potential customers 

Moreover, it gives panel owners yet another way to grow their customer base. The added live chat widget is visible to absolutely everyone who visits your panel — even those who haven't signed up yet. It's clear that a panel can lose quite a lot of potential customers because they are too overwhelmed by the amount of new information or can't find the way to find out everything they need to know before making a purchase. A live chat is a great way to give your potential customers a helping hand in advance and reply to their questions, it increases the chances of them signing up and placing orders.

Now that we have established why it's worth adding a live chat widget to your SMM panel, take a look at our top 5 picks listed below.

Best live chat widgets for SMM panels: our top 5 picks


First, let us introduce you to our picks and then we'll be comparing their key features in a table below.

1. is one of the most popular live chat widgets that lets you monitor and chat with visitors on your panel.

Free Plan: Yes (unlimited amount of agent seats)

Price (Premium Plan): starts from $15/month (for the Brand Removal add-on), the price can be reduced to $12/month if paid annually

Trial: 7 days (for the Hire Chat Agent service)

Features: unlimited agents, real time monitoring, native mobile apps, automated triggers, customizable look, built-in ticketing, canned shortcuts, 100+ integrations, etc.

Pros: All features are available for free.

Cons: No chatbox, no Facebook Messenger integration, no marketing automation tools.

Overall impression: is a good-looking life chat widget with a lot of great free features. It's possible to customize its look and get the colorful Attention Bubble to make it stand out. This widget is meant for live chat customer service only, which means there aren't any CRM or marketing automation features.

In case you need just a free live chat widget without any advanced features or chatbots, it's a good choice. But if you need to deal with a high volume of customers when using, the only option is to hire chat agents from them.

2. Tidio

Tidio is an easy-to-use live chat with chatbots that helps achieve customer satisfaction, increase sales, generate leads and more.

Free Plan: Yes (up to 3 agent seats)

Price (Premium Plan): starts from $18/month

Trial: 7 days

Features: quick set-up, AI-powered chatbots, dozens of automations, integrations wide variety of third-party apps, simplified communication, customizable look, mobile app for iOS and Android, visitor monitoring, etc.

Pros: an all-in-one live chat/chatbot/mailing option with a lot of cool free features.

Cons: needs to be integrated with a third-party app in case you want to automate a phone and SMS support.

Overall impression: Tidio is an amazing option for online business owners. It eliminates the need to install additional plugins and modules, because it truly is an all-in-one solution. This live chat widget is easily customizable as well.

The majority of features is available for free. But if you need more chat operator seats or want to upgrade the features, the paid plans are super affordable.

In addition, Tidio is fantastic for marketing automation — CRM, lead generation and nurturing, mailing.

3. JivoChat

Using JivoChat, your panel visitors will be able to talk to you easily, so you'll never miss an opportunity to make a connection.

Free Plan: Yes (up to 5 agent seats)

Price (Premium Plan): starts from $19 per agent/month (the price can be reduced to $13 per agent/month if paid annually)

Trial: 14 days

Features: convenient design, works on any device, translated into 20 languages, allows handing multiple chats with ease, customers can make one-click calls or send messages using their favorite instant messenger, the most effective mobile chat widget on the market, easily tracked company communications, in-depth analytics, etc.

Pros: it's affordable, has the Callback feature that is very convenient.

Cons: no chatbots (automated conversations).

Overall impression: Has a very trendy, elegant look that many users like a lot.

If you want to use chatbots (automate some conversations), this live chat widget doesn't offer this option. However, it has this cool Callback feature for voice chats, which can be appreciated by some clients.

4. Zendesk Chat

Known as a powerful help desk support software, Zendesk launched their own live chat to help businesses get in touch with customers quickly, reduce wait times as well as increase sales.

Free Plan: Yes (available to Zendesk customers only)

Price (Premium Plan): starts from $19 per agent/month (the price can be reduced to $14 per agent/month if paid annually)

Trial: 14 days

Features: integration with Zendesk - industry leading help desk support software, detailed analytics, AI-powered chatbots, file sending, pre-chat and offline forms, chat ratings, amazing customization opportunities, paid versions include concurrent for having more than 1 conversation at a time, etc.

Pros: amazing onboarding and user experience.

Cons: Free Standalone Chat isn't really free.

Overall impression: Clients like Zendesk Chat due to its elegant look, minimalist design and ease of use. However, you can't customize the widget.

A few key features, such as pre-chat surveys and visitor tracking, start working immediately and hassle-free. In addition, the onboarding process is designed nicely.

It's possible to choose a free version of this live chat widget but it's only free for those clients who already are on any Zendesk Support Plan.

5. Smartsupp

Simple yet effective, Smartsupp is a great solution for those who look for an affordable live chat for their SMM panels.

Free Plan: Yes (up to 3 agent seats)

Price (Premium Plan): starts from $15 per agent/month (the price can be reduced to $10 per agent/month if paid annually)

Trial: 14 days

Features: user session tracking and recording, extensive variety of integrations, customizable look, allows adding personal photos of agents (to show that customers are talking to real people), video recordings of visitors, complete visitor info in one place, mobile apps for iOS and Android, personalized automatic messages, etc.

Pros: a good amount of free features, able to track and record user sessions, lets users see people behind the brand.

Cons: limited customization options.

Overall impression: Affordable live chat widget that works with a lot of different platforms. One of the coolest things about it is that it allows to track and record user sessions and even track chat conversations in Google Analytics.

You can also add photos of your support team to let users know that they talk to real people.

In addition, it's the only live chat widget that offers video recordings of visitors.

Key feature comparison

 — available (free)

 — available (paid) 

✗ — unavailable

FeaturesTawk.toTidioJivoChatZendesk ChatSmartsupp
Visitor info (IP addresses, location, browser used)

Live visitor list

Desktop and mobile apps

 (mobile only)
Unlimited contacts

 (history limit: 14 days)
Unlimited chats

 (1 concurrent chat)
Live chat agent seats (unlimited) (up to 3) (up to 5) (1 concurrent chat) (up to 3)
JavaScript API

Facebook messenger integration

Zapier integration

Email integration

Reassign chat agents

Chatbot editor
 (+ free chatbot templates)

 (automatic messages)
Canned responses

✓ (3)
Widget customization

Email notifications

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